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The institution of knowledge, 1500mm 1500mm ⌀, Acrylic on Board

Ruaitewānanga is derived from a traditional Māori belief system utilised inside some of our learning institutions. It was a metaphorical system used to describe the different levels of knowledge attained by a learner.

It is an exploration of ancestral wisdom and leadership and likens the acquisition of knowledge to the swelling or forming of ideas. The composition is inspired by a ripple effect, where every action creates a reaction or a consequence,  where each intricate layer relates to the many aspects of a person life journey.  It is inspired by stories of my ancestor, Paikea Ariki Moana, my ancestor who arrived on the back of a whale who we believe was hi mother, and the takarangi (spiral pattern) reflection of the Milky Way in the eyes of his kōka (mother), and how that guarded him to Aotearoa (New Zealand)

 Ruaitewānanga serves as a metaphor for gaining knowledge, guidance and leadership in navigating the complexities of our modern world.



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